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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What do you want?

Convicted of five counts of manslaughter, drunken driving his third offense, accused the judge of book about him and sentenced him to 20 years to life for each nun, whom he killed. Basically, sentenced to life imprisonment with Bob, 45, even with good behavior, it would not be out of prison for 80 years, when he completed his 125-years. Now he wants the dead were, he never wanted, he wanted for a long life. Instead, like John, he wished he had the desire to save. If it is still a wish, he was trying to use it to escape from prison. If only, like John, he had the foresight enough to ask for more wishes. Mike has not had much success with his wishes, either. See awaiting one billion U.S. dollars small unmarked bills, with a paper bag filled with ten thousand dollars with the remark, "Bye!" He saw nothing. With his front door wide open, as if his house was suddenly abandoned, Mike was surprised to see his house was empty. In the absence of signs of his wife, he knocked on the door of his neighbor. . "Hello, Sheila margin is not at home and I was just wondering if -" "Oh, I thought she was with you. An armored car, five of them, actually leaving your house an hour ago. I thought you move. Here," she said, handing him a bag. "Sheila gave me this to give you." When Mike came home, he threw the contents of the bag on the kitchen table and counted the money. Only ten thousand dollars, there was a note for his determined but, given him, "Bye!" She left with all his money. John decided to use his vows thirteen frugal, so wisely and not to lose on a bigger house, a new car, only money, and / or longevity and health. Instead, before all his desires, he waited. Months went by in a flash of naked Day, the day he met the spirits in a bottle of beer St. Pauli girl stuck. August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June and July with John rolled through yet any of his desires. He wanted Bob out of jail, but he did not need to waste a wish on him. He could not, Mike would have wanted another billion fortune, but he has not lost even the desire in him. He had his best wishes to fulfill his wish list to 13. Finally, on Sunday, July 14, 2013, Naked Day, John took out his gold doubloons and rubbed. "Geniuses. Geniuses. Geniuses". Almost immediately, the same blue / green mist, but this time instead of over the water, appeared in the mist blue / green in his house. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command. Oh, it's you again. People want to Thirteen. I hope you make your wishes better than the two friends, "he says with a laugh. "What do you want? Tell me, what are your wishes, so I'll go back to what I do with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian." "John gave the Genii magazine Playboy. My wish is to have thirteen Miss January, Miss February, Miss March Miss April, Miss May, Miss June, Miss July, Miss August Miss September, Miss October, Miss November and Miss December to Playboy Playmate from the list. Since my thirteenth wish, I wish for a billion dollars in my account. I need money to buy a yacht and to cover my travel expenses, so I travel constantly through the world, while celebrating Nude day every day with my bare twelve of Playboy Playmates. "

Saturday, July 14, 2012


"Thirteen wishes," said John Geniuses eying with curiosity. "Your wishes are granted," said John Genie with a nod. "Now make your wishes. I'm curious, what will you wish for, with 13 requests." "I do not want my prayers today. I prefer to wait," said John gently. "Man Smart," said the Genies fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a coin, a gold doubloons, and gave it to John. "When you're ready to make your wishes are, rub the piece and say, genies, and three times in rapid succession." Then, in the same blue / green mist, he came to, he disappeared. "Wow, I do not think so," said Bob. "Look at me. I am happy and feel twenty years younger." "A billion dollars is. I do not think I have a billion U.S. dollars waiting for me at home," said Mike. "What do you want, with thirteen for you?" Bob saw John. "Yeah, what's up his sleeve, John?" Mike looked at his friend with a curiosity. "I have not decided yet, but since you guys did not want to celebrate National Nude, I want to do something in the spirit of the day naked for next year." Although warned to be geniuses in what they wanted to be prudent and make sure that what they want for what they really wanted is to have Bob and Mike did not put thought into their wishes, Jean had. While driving home drunk after a fall of John and Mike in their homes, Bob was too drunk to see the stop sign and crashed his truck into a station wagon full of six nuns. A terrible accident, a loss of good pussy, five, young convent of the Order of St. holy virgins were burned alive in their vehicle. Oh, the inhumanity of everything that ever had to die before a rooster. A nun, who would not die was the nun who was sitting next to his door was open, and who was not wearing his seatbelt. As protected by a miracle, with God, she was ejected from the car and survived with a broken arm and a leg. With the wrath of a court authorized a judge fed up, the jury, and a vengeful sister, Mary Frances in support, she sat on the witness stand, pointed out the man who killed his five sisters. "That's him! This is the drunk who, through the stop sign and T-bone the car accelerates, "said Sister Mary Frances.


"Are you sure your desire is to one billion U.S. dollars in small bills that have not marked your basement with a bag of ten thousand dollars in small bills, with the remark," Bye! "To release you from your wife, Sheila?" The Genii looked long and hard. "Once I grant you your wish, I can not go back." "Duh? Who does not want a billion dollars in cash and must get rid of his wife at the same time? With unique and be on the hunt again, I can not imagine all the things I can do, and all that women can do with a billion dollars in cash have, "he said, giving the thumbs to his friends. "Are not you glad we went fishing the day Nude, John?" "Your wish is granted," the Genie says Mike with a wink. "Oh, my God. I can not wait to go home, see all that money good," Mike said, rubbing his hands as he would a fly that had landed with a fixed amount of excretions. " Money, money, money, a billion dollars in cash. " "Now you are," the Genie says to John. "What do you want? Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," said the Genie folded his arms across his chest and looked at John. "It's easy," he said with a grin. "Oh, Gee, there's always one in every crowd, reads Arabic literature, and who knows exactly what to wish, if time is a desire to free hand. I know what is your wish," said Dry the Genies. "It was before and after better men than you did, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Obama, even those bums talent, Howard Stern Howie Mandel and both stumbled upon a Genie, once in their lives. " "Then, of course, you already know that, as my only wish, I wish," said John. "I thought so," said the Genie, "but you can not ask for more wishes. We have a ceiling, you know. There is a limit to the number of requests that you call and give you can" said the Genie look long and hard on John. "I'll tell you what I'll do, to be fair. I'll give you three wishes, instead of one wish. This allows you to health, to wish prosperity and happiness, like all other means, without imagination, if they want anything else, after she lost her only desire for world peace, or all the hungry, or cancer. heal God, I hate to think hippies, "he said. "They're all so unselfish and so in touch with the current state of political reality." "I wish I could ask for more thought needs," said Bob. "I would have thrown into a beautiful woman, even with my long life, one with big tits, named Crystal, Tiffany, Ellie Mae Clampett , or Elvira, if you know what I mean. " "Me too," said Mike. "I wish I had thought to ask for more wishes. I wanted my wife, Sheila, have been my ex-wife and long gone, I would not go through an ugly divorce and give him some of my billion . " "I hope you go to your wishes to share with us, John," said Bob. "Yes, be a pal, John, and give each other hope," said Mike. "Thirteen wishes, genies," said John. "My wish is to have thirteen wishes." "I'll give you five years is that many of the wishes that -" "A hundred wishes," said John. "I want a hundred wishes My desire is to have a hundred -." "Okay, okay. Who will help me, I am at your request. I give you thirteen wishes. Your wish is my command," he said, crossing his arms over his chest, while glaring down at John. "You are worse than Donald Trump. Whenever he made a vow, he bought another property, renewed its stupid TV show, The Apprentice, and divorce to another, young enough to marry his daughter. Raving Beauty. " "Thank you, Genie." Cumlouder Mania

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Suddenly, like magic, and now Bob look younger and had no pain. Muscle, fat and replaced his hair and teeth for support. Then, as he looked at his pants, and now, his cock was bigger and harder than it ever was. "Wow, I feel good," he said of his best impersonation of Tony the Tiger did. "What do you think, Nimrod?" The Genii turned to Mike. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," said the Genii with arms folded across his chest, staring at Mike. "My name is Mike, Geniuses. Caution or instead of, you grant me my wish, I'll put your ass in the bottle," he said, while John held the genies in the bottle and the bottle exploded in hand. "Best you do not fuck with a Genie," John whispered, and shook his head backwards away from the Genii. "Yes," said Bob looked all dead fish. "In any case, just as you do not want to upset him, you do not want him to pee on you either." "As Genii of honor, even though you have insulted me, I'm still gives you a wish. Hurry up and you just want something, Mike, please. I have places to visit, activities and people to see. What is your wish? " "Ok, I want one million, not billion U.S. dollars cash in small denominations and unmarked," said Mike, but not here and not now. I want the money deposited by my basement. Otherwise, my floor in my house would sell in. I always think, "he said, tapping his head with his forefinger." Do you know what weighs a billion dollars U.S.? When he dumped to one billion U.S. dollars over our little boat, well, we sink to the bottom. " "No, I have no idea how much weighs one billion people have no dollars," said Bob. "How much is one billion U.S. dollars weigh?" "Come," said Mike, "I read somewhere that weighs a million dollars in U.S. hundred dollar bills 22 pounds. So if one million U.S. dollars in hundred dollar bills weighs 22 pounds over a billion dollars ... would weigh 220 pounds to 10 million, 100 million for 2220 and - " "Weighs Gees, one billion U.S. dollars 22.220 pounds," said the Genie. "What do you mean not only with zeros. You are truly a Nimrod, does not it? Let us go forward with this, are we going?" "Oh, and as part of my wish, I would like a bag filled with tens and twenties, ten thousand U.S. dollars in total to be exact, with a note that read," Bye! "To free myself from my wife, Sheila," he said, laughing. "Once I have my billion cash in hand, I'll say goodbye to your ass, and ten thousand dollars is all it is. We are almost ten years of marriage, j ' have a thousand dollars a year, more than enough for them to leave. " Videos Porno

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excuse me

"He has a German accent," John whispered. "I thought he would have an accent from a country in the Middle East are not. All geniuses of Persia or Morocco?" "Duh, beer St. Pauli Girl's German. It is probably a German geniuses," said Bob Berlin and Heidelberg. " "I'm in the fucking beer bottle has been locked since the 19th century, 1857 to be exact, a 100 to 55, to be exact, when I was the founder of Desire St. Pauli Girl Brewery for a restart. I swear I had no idea that St. Paul was his wife. Oh, but the woman was right and wrong in bed even better than on the knees. have you done to me things that even a Genie can do and should not, "he said with a smile." Now you want. " "Shit," said Bob. "I do not like how someone is good in bed, I would never be trapped in an empty beer bottle for over a hundred 55. This is simply untrue." "Excuse me, tired of waiting for you one wish, I really have a nasty nasty piss take," said the Genie, turning in the opposite direction to pee on the side of the boat. Twenty minutes later, steaming water with a yellow haze hangs over the water surface, he was peeing. "Ah, you have no idea how much better I relieve my bladder, must feel after 155 years," he said, patting his full stomach. "I have never seen or heard someone peeing Show for so long and so much more.", Said Mike has water. "Dead fish float to the surface. At least we know there are fish there or were there. Brut. The water smells like urine." "Sorry, sometimes. Now arrived, what the hell do you want for free? Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," said crossing arms in front of the body Geniuses his back, but more intrusive than this time in front of you, Bob first. "What is your wish?" "I want to live to 110, # 125, and be healthy until the day I die," said Bob Geniuses. "Pushing the recovery of social security contributions, until I make the most of my age, I'll survive to collect my wife and children and on their life insurance policies Then also, perhaps in 95 years, I found a nice 40. - Years old woman. I want to tell people when I see in my coffin, and I still look for a dead man, "Bob told John and Mike. "Are you sure your desire is to live to be 125 years old and in good health?" The Genii looked long and hard. "Once I grant you your wish, I can not go back." "Yes, I'm sure. Who are you mad? Who does not want to live to 125 years and be healthy?" "Your wish is granted", the Genie Bob said with a wink. Videos Porno

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Large breasts

"This is a green fish shake their heads up and down in the water," said Mike. "He is mocking us and upset us, begging to be taken," he laughs . "The fish are laughing at us. Well, the bastard. " "Nah, you're drunk," said Bob. "It's not a fish. There is a bottle of beer, to be exact, this is a beer St. Pauli Girl bottle is. From swallowed enough of them, I recognize the label and drank with my eyes half closed, "he said vaguely his words, while half drunk and closed his eyes. John led his small boat close enough to grasp the neck of the bottle. "Hey, there's something inside," he said, get the bottle of water and shook it. "Maybe there is a secret message inside," said Mike, "written by someone long ago who was trapped on a desert island. Maybe they are rolled up a map and it stuck there inside, where they buried a treasure chest to find for us. Boy, I would find a treasure chest full of money. " "You have quite the imagination, Mike. Throw me the bottle," said John. As soon as he dipped the tip resulted in a bluish haze / green bottle and was taller and wider, before taking shape as a man over seven feet tall. With the lower part of the prisoner himself, his ankles and feet, still in the bottle, the three men retreated to their hips when one of the geniuses appeared in the balance. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," he says with authority, and folded his arms across his chest, while glaring down on the three men. "Gee, why we were able to get Barbara Eden," said Mike Bob whispered, "instead of this fat, old geniuses? I have always loved. She had large breasts and was pretty bad. " "Firstly, I'm in the same boat with you three idiots. I can hear," said the Genie. "Second, Barbara Eden was not a real Geniuses. She was an actress on a situation comedy in the '60 's play a Genie. Now make your choice, so I be on my way," he said forward to. "I mean, five women and 37 children have not seen in A-100 and 50." "I'm sorry," said Mike. Sex Shop

Monday, July 9, 2012

What is it?

"Kelly always hire strippers to go to the bar for entertaining clients at Nu Day," said John. "Last year, in honor of the day naked, the owner had the Playboy Playmate, Miss July 2011, signed nude photos of oneself. Signature Boy, they never made tits. Perhaps it is to get them back or Miss Playboy Playmate of the Year 2011 or Miss July 2012. I love Playboy Playmates. " "No, even if it is still a lot of chicks naked and half naked in the bar and in the Boston Common, because we never score, the three of us are old and fat," said Mike made a hand gesture of disinterest. "Unfortunately, I agree with Mike. Long with my best days behind me, if I were a young man with no hair, all my teeth, and a tail more and more, I would love to hangout pub Kelly, "said Bob." Maybe if I see her I did twenty years ago, I was lucky. In the way I look now, I will be ignored. " "Yes, young chicks do not want fat old guys. If only I were rich, would not women on what I looked like hell," Mike said with sadness. "Come, we 'll go fishing. Do not look bad enough, but to frighten the fish, the fish do not give a shit, look what hell we are. I'll buy beer, "said Mike. Armed with a couple of coolers and a case of extreme cold, John, Bob and Mike out of his small boat to a place where they had never fished. Further than to enter the rule and away from the coast, they hoped the fish biting in this new place, in the middle of nowhere. Still no luck with the fish and after drinking one beer too many, even late in the afternoon, the three men were more concerned with the direction of the house as catching fish. "Hey, look over there in the water," said John. "What is it?"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Women naked

"What are you doing today?" John looked at his friends, Bob and Mike. "The Red Sox play Tampa Bay at Fenway today," said Bob. "Let's go get lost." "Nee is, unless you want to roast in the stands, not just go to the ballpark and buy," said John. "You have sold for more than nine years. Also, if you buy a ticket from a scalper, all season ticket holders and businesses the best places have already been taken anyway. They also play Tampa Bay off today at Tropicana Field, Florida. " "I'd rather go fishing, anyway," said Mike looked up to heaven. "It's a great day, the boat floating on water, drink a few beers and some laughs. What do you say? Well, well go fishing. " "You are boring. They act as if you're retired. Fuddy duddies You are already old," said John looks at his two friends. "You never want to do something. You do not know what day is it today? " "It's Saturday," said Bob. "So?" "What else?" John looked at his friends with a face full of excitement. "July 14," said Mike. "So?" "What else?" John looked at Bob Mike. "I do not know. I give up," said Bob. "Is it your birthday?" "I really do not care what day it is different when I'm away from work," said Mike Bob slap a high five. "Today, it is women naked, Nude days days," said John. "I say we go downtown and celebrate with all the naked hot young chick drunk and drugged stripping off their clothes to celebrate the festival on the town and bare Boston, while splashes and frolic in the frog pond. "