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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excuse me

"He has a German accent," John whispered. "I thought he would have an accent from a country in the Middle East are not. All geniuses of Persia or Morocco?" "Duh, beer St. Pauli Girl's German. It is probably a German geniuses," said Bob Berlin and Heidelberg. " "I'm in the fucking beer bottle has been locked since the 19th century, 1857 to be exact, a 100 to 55, to be exact, when I was the founder of Desire St. Pauli Girl Brewery for a restart. I swear I had no idea that St. Paul was his wife. Oh, but the woman was right and wrong in bed even better than on the knees. have you done to me things that even a Genie can do and should not, "he said with a smile." Now you want. " "Shit," said Bob. "I do not like how someone is good in bed, I would never be trapped in an empty beer bottle for over a hundred 55. This is simply untrue." "Excuse me, tired of waiting for you one wish, I really have a nasty nasty piss take," said the Genie, turning in the opposite direction to pee on the side of the boat. Twenty minutes later, steaming water with a yellow haze hangs over the water surface, he was peeing. "Ah, you have no idea how much better I relieve my bladder, must feel after 155 years," he said, patting his full stomach. "I have never seen or heard someone peeing Show for so long and so much more.", Said Mike has water. "Dead fish float to the surface. At least we know there are fish there or were there. Brut. The water smells like urine." "Sorry, sometimes. Now arrived, what the hell do you want for free? Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," said crossing arms in front of the body Geniuses his back, but more intrusive than this time in front of you, Bob first. "What is your wish?" "I want to live to 110, # 125, and be healthy until the day I die," said Bob Geniuses. "Pushing the recovery of social security contributions, until I make the most of my age, I'll survive to collect my wife and children and on their life insurance policies Then also, perhaps in 95 years, I found a nice 40. - Years old woman. I want to tell people when I see in my coffin, and I still look for a dead man, "Bob told John and Mike. "Are you sure your desire is to live to be 125 years old and in good health?" The Genii looked long and hard. "Once I grant you your wish, I can not go back." "Yes, I'm sure. Who are you mad? Who does not want to live to 125 years and be healthy?" "Your wish is granted", the Genie Bob said with a wink. Videos Porno

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