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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Large breasts

"This is a green fish shake their heads up and down in the water," said Mike. "He is mocking us and upset us, begging to be taken," he laughs . "The fish are laughing at us. Well, the bastard. " "Nah, you're drunk," said Bob. "It's not a fish. There is a bottle of beer, to be exact, this is a beer St. Pauli Girl bottle is. From swallowed enough of them, I recognize the label and drank with my eyes half closed, "he said vaguely his words, while half drunk and closed his eyes. John led his small boat close enough to grasp the neck of the bottle. "Hey, there's something inside," he said, get the bottle of water and shook it. "Maybe there is a secret message inside," said Mike, "written by someone long ago who was trapped on a desert island. Maybe they are rolled up a map and it stuck there inside, where they buried a treasure chest to find for us. Boy, I would find a treasure chest full of money. " "You have quite the imagination, Mike. Throw me the bottle," said John. As soon as he dipped the tip resulted in a bluish haze / green bottle and was taller and wider, before taking shape as a man over seven feet tall. With the lower part of the prisoner himself, his ankles and feet, still in the bottle, the three men retreated to their hips when one of the geniuses appeared in the balance. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," he says with authority, and folded his arms across his chest, while glaring down on the three men. "Gee, why we were able to get Barbara Eden," said Mike Bob whispered, "instead of this fat, old geniuses? I have always loved. She had large breasts and was pretty bad. " "Firstly, I'm in the same boat with you three idiots. I can hear," said the Genie. "Second, Barbara Eden was not a real Geniuses. She was an actress on a situation comedy in the '60 's play a Genie. Now make your choice, so I be on my way," he said forward to. "I mean, five women and 37 children have not seen in A-100 and 50." "I'm sorry," said Mike. Sex Shop

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