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Monday, July 9, 2012

What is it?

"Kelly always hire strippers to go to the bar for entertaining clients at Nu Day," said John. "Last year, in honor of the day naked, the owner had the Playboy Playmate, Miss July 2011, signed nude photos of oneself. Signature Boy, they never made tits. Perhaps it is to get them back or Miss Playboy Playmate of the Year 2011 or Miss July 2012. I love Playboy Playmates. " "No, even if it is still a lot of chicks naked and half naked in the bar and in the Boston Common, because we never score, the three of us are old and fat," said Mike made a hand gesture of disinterest. "Unfortunately, I agree with Mike. Long with my best days behind me, if I were a young man with no hair, all my teeth, and a tail more and more, I would love to hangout pub Kelly, "said Bob." Maybe if I see her I did twenty years ago, I was lucky. In the way I look now, I will be ignored. " "Yes, young chicks do not want fat old guys. If only I were rich, would not women on what I looked like hell," Mike said with sadness. "Come, we 'll go fishing. Do not look bad enough, but to frighten the fish, the fish do not give a shit, look what hell we are. I'll buy beer, "said Mike. Armed with a couple of coolers and a case of extreme cold, John, Bob and Mike out of his small boat to a place where they had never fished. Further than to enter the rule and away from the coast, they hoped the fish biting in this new place, in the middle of nowhere. Still no luck with the fish and after drinking one beer too many, even late in the afternoon, the three men were more concerned with the direction of the house as catching fish. "Hey, look over there in the water," said John. "What is it?"

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