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Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Spread

Jessicanyx strolled up to our house with her long legs and slender body. This horny college student was looking for something fun to do whit her giant tits. She was well informed from a friend about the party and was already wet from anticipation. She loved to masturbate so we let her do her thing. Commando stepped in with his dick out, and she started to slurp it up with out thinking twice. Her hungry pussy gobbled his cock until he couldn't hold the fiesta in anymore. DONT KNOW WHY RK KEEPS USING THIS MIDGET, GET RID OF THIS LOOSER!!! CHICK IS HOT!!! He went for the facial, but came up short. She has real potential. I like her. I can't believe the little guy didn't eat her from asshole to belly button. This chick looks like kristen cavilari. A robot and a midget. Very hot!! This was good at best...hate to say it. I AGREE SHES BORING.Just went through it like a mechanical robot.no passion/fire.we want girls that put effort in.very tame .... Pretty face shame about the tits & tats !! Sexy girl. Awesome update. This girl is so boring.... Little people gotta get their nut, too, man! I enjoyed it and it looked like she did too! How soon can you get her back? straight, blonde, big tits, shaved, skinny, tall, tattoo, white, 1on1, blow jobs, Jessica Nyx

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tush On Tosh

Tosh finally got Voodoo over her place after texting him pictures of her ass all day. He's hesitant to mess with her cause shes his friends daughter but she did just turn eighteen. Shes a little firecracker that wants dick in a bad way. Its not too long before she convinces him and has his dong going down her sweet throat. Voodoo goes wild after a bit and really gives this hottie a hell of a pussy pounding. You dont want to miss this cute chick screaming for more and more dick, its hot. Very sexy gal and I like the asslick action! Some anal action would have been great too!! Creampie - awesome! Next time add some anal, too! Fat jiggly ass, loved the licking! Haha,, Sounds like Voodoo never came better.... OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Really cute girl. Great update and thank you for leaving the anal out. HAHA! Voodoo is the dude, better recognize! Tosh is a little sexual gum drop, super hot! Please bring her back!!! This Tosh guy should be in movies, his comedic timing gets better and better every time! Oh, nice scene too. Would have been 10 if there was anal. You guys are getting the mouth fucking super correct lately. Cute blonde, but she looks nothing like Marcia Brady (aka, Maureen McCormick). Too bad cuz lots of us have fantasized about her! Creampie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG she looks like Marcia Brady!n Id say this update would have been epic, if she would have been good at riding. Still amazing update! Great job RK. straight, blonde, piercings, shaved, white, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, creampie, handjob, masturbation, Tosh Locks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I agree to go fishing

"Last year the police came and threatened to arrest while to take off their clothes," said Bob. "You threaten everyone to stop every year, but they never do. For one day a year, the day of Nu is a game they keep playing all day to turn into a group sex nude naked. After leaving the police, the women take off their tops and bras again anyway, "said John." Come. Come. I want to see breasts. I like boobs, round breasts, filled with large puffy, pink nipples. Maybe we're lucky. " "No, we know that in the last year and beat almost squint through their drunken friends of their friends naked," said Mike. "Come on, guys. We should do something fun to celebrate National Nude, naked holiday. Naked day comes just once a year and when the bitter cold of winter will be again soon, we obtain I We soon come when we do not do something fun this summer sexual, "said John View from Bob to Mike. "Nah, I prefer to go fishing," said Mike. "Me too," said Bob. "At my age, it's the only time I'm lucky maybe catch a fish, instead of a naked woman." Said, "I know what we can do," said John. "We can go to the tavern and Kelly Irish Pub in South Boston. We were not, as the Big Brawl at the Southie St. Paddy's Day Parade." "Why get drunk in a bar, as we soak in the fresh air and sun can be on a boat? We can even take a punch or two, "said Bob. "I'm with Mike. I agree to go fishing. "

Monday, June 25, 2012

Something About Her

Stevie was upset her parents hired a personal trainer for her to improve on her volleyball skills after they found she was in danger of losing her scholarship. Her attention seemed to be focused on something else entirely and they thought a personal trainer would be the best way to get her to refocus her efforts. She was not into the workouts at all and she kept giving her trainer Voodoo a hard time. She played coy with him while he was pointing out how a certain exercise will help strengthen her gluteus maximus. She poured on her advances by slowly dropping her sweatpants and at that exact moment Voodoo's jaw also dropped to the floor. He tried to resist and be professional as best he could but a sexy, little pure 18 vixen with an astounding ass and a nice set of nubile, marvelous melons is just too irresistible for any man worth his weight in cock meat. She held on to his heavy dumbbell and took his lucky ass for a ride he will not soon forget. voodoo never fails to make me laugh; i love these RK clips with him- he gets the hot girls, awesome videos and funny buildups! Needs more anal. and can u PLEASE quit making voodoo act. just let him nail the girls and keep his moth shut. Best part was missionary right before cum shot. even Voodoo wasn't too annoying this time. The updates the last 3 weeks have been bad....none of the gals are worth looking at. Super hot girl and excellent update. Great work RK and thank you for leaving the anal out. I agree, beautiful pussy. Amazing girl, she can come back anytime. Fuck anal, i enjoyed watching that beautiful pussy get filled. i really dont see how anyone can hate voodoo he does the job well. Stevie is absolutely stunning! Reality Kings needs to get her in an anal scene soon. Anal please !!!!!!!! nice blonde. enjoyed the toenail and fingernail polish color. nice! The need more anal. Wow! This girl is really hot!! This is a 10..bring her back weekly! Thanks Mr. Voodoo for sharing your cock with her! Great job guys this girl is hot, some odd tats 10/10.STEVIE AMAZING.Gorgeous body/pussy/asshole.VOODOO top job.great asslick.gave 10 with no anal[RK anti anal now}anal and 10. Love stevie shae!!!! More of her. Atta girln straight, blonde, shaved, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, white, gym, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, Stevie Shae

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bikes and broads

A photographer friend of Sammie invited her and three of her friends to his new studio for a bike themed photo shoot. The girls were excited to wear the small biker shorts and to flaunt their perfect bodies in front of the camera. After striking multiple poses and flirting with each other, Sammie, Dani, Celeste and Destiny sensually stripped for the camera. Then they rubbed, licked and tongue fucked each other all over the studio. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, shaved, tattoo, white, group sex, asslick Cast: Celeste Star, Dani Daniels, Destiny Dixon, Sammie Rhodes Where is 1080p download. Celeste!!!!! Celeste!!!!! A day without watching Celeste showing her true luv for cunny is like a day without sunshine. Celeste star the best i love celeste. la hembra mas hermosa de la fas de la tierra. What happened with positions like 69, facesitting...? More tongues and less fingers. Preparing to see this picture set on all the hipsters' desktop wallpapers. That´s OK except too much fingering, and please more close ups ! Yes these girls are great..Sammies ass licking is second to none..please Rilee Marks and Georgia Jones!! Thank you for bring back Celeste. Sammie=sexy FULL STOP. One small quibble: all the girls should have removed their dorky shoes, not just the big-titted new girl! Fantastic bottoms!!! Dani Daniels has the most amazing breasts. Sammie and Celeste are so amazing! Can't get enough of their videos! So in love with Dani Daniels. Love having her in the updates 3 times in a row. Celsete is great. She is in love with pussy!!!n. Sammie and Celeste, my two favorite girls. You eat a pussy, and it STAYS eaten. And the way Celeste fucked Destiny`s face.. WOW! Ashley fires > sammie nnyounger, aggressive girls like ashley and dani make these vids so much betternntime to hang it up sa. Sammie look amazing in this update.. People need to stop dissing her. She is wonderful, kind, super amazing in scenes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Ass Sugar

Blonde and nubile Ivana responded to an ad in her college newspaper from an artist looking for a model to paint. She was not aware it would be in the nude but she soon found out. He asked her to strip down and she was very reluctant to do so at first. In the spirit of art she agreed and posed in her birthday suit. The artist wanted to make her feel comfortable so he too took off his clothes. The muse inspired both of them to really explore each other and with every passing glance and fixated gaze the grew more and more passionate. So filled with passion that Ivana even let the artist drill her in her ass. wow, love this girl! nice tits! xx There must be a shortage of male porn actors cause no matter how many videos he ruins, they bring Voodoo back time after time. Would have been better if you some anal scenes with her sitting on the chair or even standing. Great vid. Voodoo, you are one funny fucker.... Literally! keep it up. Very exciting update! Love the anal action, keep it coming RK! Hot chick! Stool scene was great! She should be on her knees POV style for the cumshot! Very cute girl but the anal ruined it for me. Excellento !! one of the best pure 18 updates in a while ...THIS CHICK IS HOT !! Should win porn award oscar. Excellent photography and acting and anal. I want to see more pussy shots. This girl is super hot. Im here for the pussy not cock! Lmao voodo so funny! Great Video by both of them, A. Ruined By That Muppet Voodoo Again. If you can't find something to love with this update, go back to your tranny / gay sites... this one ain't for youn 10/10.go voodoo.ur the man.reamed that gorgeous arsehole right out.ivana fit.takes it as a good nympho should.great update.loved Chicks average looking and Voodoo does a terrible job here :( Pure18s my favorite update i'm really disapointed with this weeks. I waited all week for this crap. yuck! very nice could have done wiithout voodoo's cheesy french accent though.kinda lamern straight, blonde, shaved, skinny, white, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, anal, blow jobs, Ivana Sugar

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Double Trouble

Shyla and Avril wanted to spend some alone time together so they stayed at a luxurious hotel. They turned off their cell phones and placed the do not disturb sign on the door handle. After settling in, the girls changed into sexy sheer underwear. Shyla and Avril started to passionately kiss in the bathroom and then made their way to the bedroom. Then the girls sensually ass and pussy licked each other until they both had intense orgasms. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, shaved, skinny, white, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, masturbation Cast: Avril Hall, Shyla Jennings This was awesome, you need more of this!!!! girls are hot-great update-love watching the ass licking! Two natural looking hot girls, both were perfect together. Anything but that old hag Sammie. Superb lesbian action. More duos like this, please. very nice !! a lot of kissing, anyway... perfect girls at all! HOT DIGGY DAM THESE 2 GIRLS ARE HOT AS HELL THEY HAD MY GIRLFRIEND SCREAMN BRING THEM BACK AND INCLUDE SAMMIE, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! I normally prefer a threesome set, but this duo set will be in my favourites folder now. More duos! or 2-on-1 threesomes! This is among the finest movies ever done on this site. More of Shyla, please! Prefere threesomes, and get Sammie back soon. And Karlie Montana. That was awesome ; More duo please !! Less threesome !! This was one of the best ever. Can we have more like it? i really like the romantic style. especially when shes giving her a gentle rimjob. very hot. really wish they had 69d though. One of the best updates ever. I love Sammie but some variety is nice and these girls were amazing. Avril yeah. Have her update every week. More Sammie. Nice to see only 2 girls also so you can see all the action. Shyla Jennings with Molly Cavalli, wow, just had that update in my mind, and yay, no Sammie!!!!!!!!!! 11:53 -- "Keep eating my asshole, baby, I love it." EXCELLENT! Shyla and Avril are HOT!!!!!!!!!! Super update. yay no sammie! Put Shyla with a guy please. Yes...finally...one of the best girl-girl videos in a long time. Please more romantic, close up pussy eating videos like this! PURE CLASS. excellent filming, quality, girls, pillow humping, butt tribbing...many of these now rare.PLEASE more of this style! Excellent! Great update! Started a little slow but made up for it. Loved the 1 on 1 and no Sammie. More Shyla! You guys teased me...thought I was gonna see Avril get pounded...Pure18 ASAP!. would love to see malena and avril. This is good, but sammie and malena would be better :) Great update. Nice to see fresh faces and newcomers. Seeing the same crew over and over gets tiring. Shyla and Avril are HOT!. speaking of asshole licking its generaly good on WLT but it can be improved. Great update..Paople complain about Sammie but she really does work the girls..her asshole licking is second to none!Love WLT!! Nothing better than a pretty girl who eats the asshole of another pretty girl. Absolutely love Shyla Jennings! Bring her back 1-on-1 with Sammie Rhodes! good update, but no sammie :( These 2 did an awesome job with each other I love the pairing, this was a hot update as usual. More of the Red Head. Smoking hot!n Defently would of love this update if Sammie Rhodes was in it. Great action what there was of it Half the video time wasted on kissing and faces. More pussy please!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cum So Sweet

Dani has herself a smoking hot sex slave all to herself today. She has her tied up and ready to go. She comes up to her and teases her and plays with her sexy lips. She then leads her by her leash over to a more comfortable spot where she really takes full advantage of her slave. You dont want to miss these two hotties with perfect bodies sucking each other dry. Super hot action here, instant classic. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, brunette, hairy, shaved, tattoo, white, outside, pool, 1on1, asslick Cast: Dani Daniels, Lizz Tayler Dani Daniels is the HOTTEST girl in Lesbian porn atm! Please keep bringing her back.. Her face is godly. Not to mention her bod. Hot scene on a scale of 1 two 10 this scene is a 20. MAN, I LOVE THE ASSLICK! KEEP IT COMING RK! The erotic way this scene started is how you should start some of your 3 ways in the future. start with 2 girls n 3rd soon aftr. too much kissing again, disturbing camera noises. More group scenes please; Sammie not necessary for that ! There are always naysayers, but if you don't recognize how great the last two WLT are, you are blind, RK! More! and more Liz to. Sammie gets furious when they shoot scenes without her. But she scares the younger girls. It would be like screwing your grandma. more Lizz!!!! More of Lizz Tayler! thank you for leaving sammie outn a lot of great anal licking. thumbs up! More bush on this site. Awesome update. They ate the shit out of each other. Sammie is a perfect person to be dominated or be the dominator. SHe should of been in this update. The slave should be used for pleasure. No facesitting? WTF!? Celeste or Sammie should be in this scene, make the slave squirm! Great job RK, another duo update ! But I agree with the previous comment, we would like to see some 69 and facesitting ! good update-love the ass licking-more dirty talk please-when is next milf next door update? More adds RK. who's the other girl?rn Pure routine:same actions,same positions...what happened with the 69,facesitting?...WHERE IS MOLLY??? Nothing wrong with some variety, there's plenty of Sammie on here already.. a leash scene and sammie not involved ? who has a history of biatchcraft no warning i guess popular rules over screen domination. Lizz should do a HC scene soon... sammmie is great but it's also great to see Lizz Tayler back which they need to have more updates with Lizz Tayler. wish i could see the girls names on the preview and this update need some blonde in it cough cough sammie

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three Way Play

This week Celest and Sammie invited their girlfriend Aubrey over for a full body rub down. They figured to treat her since she just finished with finals and was super stressed. They striped her , layed her out on the table, oiled her up, and then started with the super sensual massage. Things start getting heated and the rub down turns into full on friction. The girls get so wound up they end up diving right into each others pussies. Dont miss it, its hot. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, hairy, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, bodyoil, group sex, asslick Cast: Aubrey Belle, Celeste Star, Sammie Rhodes What's the point of all that lube if you're not going to fingerbang the shit out of her? Damn shave that shit. Really? Celeste keeps you coming back? I'm kinda tired of her. She's in every one. wow! all 3 girls are super hot. note to camera please show the girl cum on fingers and mouth better. Loved it! She could have taken a fist I bet. It is always a good time when Celeste shows up. I love her cute trimmed pussy. Loved it. Celeste fucking the brunettes face was super hot. And oil? Yeah! And Sammie really can show a girl a good time:) Fantastic update! Celeste and Sammie keep me coming back here again and againn. EPIC.. good: no toys, bad: too much fingering and no close-ups !!!! FUCK YES! SAMMIE IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK g.g.not normally my bag.this good.aubrey so cute,pert nipples,4 fingers slipped in.love see her on rk site taking cock.shes hot. Celeste was wasted..Need Georgia Jones and Rilee Marks back. Sammie knows how to work the girls! Again disappointing. Could you update this site with a Molly's scene for a fucking time??? Sammie is back thank goodness! but this was pretty wack audrey wasn't all that good. We need malena back! Malena and sammie!! Who is the old lady? great update finally sammie back but not to use celeste more in this shes wasted why can rk give members sammie and celeste only Yeah! Sammie's back! Hotter then ever!! Amazing update. I want an oil massage from Sammie. She would know how to rub me righr. :)n fuck yeah sammie was hot in this i want a oil massage from her

Friday, June 8, 2012

Precious Moment

Lily and Karina were planning a party since Lilys parents were away. They needed someone to get them liquor and Karina told a guy she met at another party. Lily told her that this guy was bad news, but it was too late because Karina already texted him Lilys address and he was already at the front door. He came in and they tried to get rid of him, but he told Lily he was going to call her father if she did not let him stay and get what he wanted. He wanted to fuck both of them and they were not willing to give up their pussies at first, but after a while they began to enjoy it when he licked their asses and pussies. They both got their fresh pussies hammered. They even tried to get their assholes fucked, but they were just too tight. Lily was loving it so much, her pussy squirted everywhere. They got man juice all over them. Wow, one of the best updates of the year. Fantasic outfits. Girls that are really into it. Very very nice. keep it up! Yep, one of the best of the year with out doubt, big ups. rnVoodoo funny as always, Lilly coming again and again blew my mind! Lily is so fucking sexy with that pouty little stare and Karina has perfect boobs. Both know how to get filthy dirty in bed! YES YES YES MORE SCHOOL UNIFORMED GIRLS !!!! Both gals fan faves of mine So hot great job.Vo good but think ACTING LESSONS.Rated a 10 anal could have pushed this to 125 Wow!! Thanks for making my dreams come true. Ive been posting about this duo for months on here. Thanks for listening RK! The cumshot/girls kissing at the end was AWESOME! I don't comment often but this is the most freakishly awesome vid in history! Voodoo you're an animal, lol. Hottest chicks eve. The school uniform aspect is a major bonus = great work. Waaay hot. Hell yeah. Pretty fucking awesome. Love the cumshot! Reminds me of 80s porn w/stud fucking one nympho and lining-up the others' mouth for the load. Play in slow-m. Soooooooo good but she takes anal. Loves it. Two of the cutest girls on the site. Excellent work Voodoo and RK and thank you for leaving the anal out. Grades:Lily Carter: A /Karina White: A. The scene rates H (HOT!!!). My #1-scene @ RK. Rec: U start a running serial. Anal-next. lol voodoo goes through EVERYBODY'S mail. Not borderline, it looks like rape & extortion... Try that in real life, (Reality Kings?) & you'd do time - NOT sexy! The long stockings are absolutely ridiculous. it makes no sense to me. the stockings drastically brings down this update. Holy shit!! This has to be the hottest FFM vid ever on this site!! Will have to save bandwidth to download the HD version! Obviously its all acting but cmon borderline Rape? To far RKS. With anal the best scene ever !!!!!!!!! cmon RK, give us a pure18 without that clown Voodoo for a change. Lily Carter Rocks My World. Lily Carter has stayed fresh and beautiful. Rare. You guys are on FIRE! That was awesome. Voodoo is a funny dude, guess you don't need to be a good actor if you have a big package. Amazing.. What About a Lesbian Scene with these two??? Awesome, a little lesbian action would have put this over the top! Lily and karina look amazing together. Great choice of outfits! Great direction! More of Karina White and Lily Carter!!! So perverted, so fucking hot. When voodoo rips open karina white's shirt, WOW. Top stuff Great stuff indeed! A !!!!WOW!!! Amazing scene! BEST SCENE OF THE YEAR!! Keep this stuff up!! Voodooo rules I even stole some of his lines lo! 10/10 best this year.voodoo ur the man.Lily amazing.Karina too.AWESOME Award Winner?This update ticked every box.A1 100%%%%% Why does anyone give a crap about what guy it is? The girls were hot as fuck! Don't shittalk voodoo. he's better than all the other males put together. this acting was hilarious. Voodoo is a , feel bad for the girls having to put up with him. I understand you only have so many dudes for these....but Voodoo, again?!? I love Lily Carter, we need more of her! Love Karina White but what happened with the cumshot? Its edited or something. Another wasted effort straight, brunette, piercings, shaved, petite, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, white, 2on1, 2girlbj, asslick, blow jobs, masturbation, squirting, Karina White, Lily Carter

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tickle me pink

Sammie and her roomie Ainsley had a rough week and decided they could pamper each other to unwind. They slipped into some sexy bikinis and were about to sunbathe just before the sun went down but they could not resist seeing each other practically naked. A couple feisty glances and some flirtatious touching and they abandoned any notion of sunbathing. They devoured each other in front of a gorgeous backdrop. Ainsley became her sexy, little sex slave. She kneeled down in front off Sammie and licked her tight, wet pussy. Sammie returned the favor by bringing out a hefty, pink, two headed dildo and slowly sinking it into her seductive, succulent slit. Things reached a fever pitch when they both pleasured each other by backing up their hot heinies right into both sides of the two headed dildo and slammed their beautiful butts together. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, bikini, shaved, skinny, tanlines, white, 1on1, asslick, dildo Cast: Ainsley Addison, Sammie Rhodes Oh my goodness, I wish I was a pretty young girl Sammie so I could lick up all your pussy juices. You are Delcious Samme. The lesbian ANAL is awesome! Keep it up. Deep tongue is great - goes to my favroite. More toys would be awesome! Sometimes it gets too softcore. Sammie is awesome. Sammie needs to update every week. I love the girl on girl ass licking. more toys please. especially the double dildos.Sammie god damn hot as always. I miss the old welivetogether videos where there were double dildos in the pussy all the time! Bring back more of that!!! That´s good work, please bann dildos; and why so short (again), this time just 21 minutes !!? Loved the camera work. The video quality was crisp and detailed. Loved the oral. Don't like toys though. great fucking camera work! wow, first time commenter and i have been a member for over 2 years. but this was a very hot update. Love the dub dildo action. sammie is #1 !!!!!!!!!! we want moren GREAT UPDATE. Best lesbian scene you guys have done in a long long time. Use more toys in lesbian scenes. U make the best lesbo movies. ASS to ASS. YES!!!!!!!!!!! I miss the firsts videos with casual encounters (in the mall, shopping, in the street...). That was more credible!! check Sammie in her only boy/girl on RK; Big Naturals "Hot Body" 6-21-04. She wont do anal and went to girl/girl pressure! BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sammies tits are starting to sag. Time to put her on Moms Bang Teens! She is a MILF now so time for her to act like it. Sammie is a keeper! Never let her go. She looks sexier every year. WOW AT LAST HOT ANAL ON RK.Ainsley superb.ive been a SAMMIE Anti recently but all now changed.That ass to ass amazing.more.... Sammie is amazing so is ainsely, this is the best scene in the past month!! I love sammie shes the best. That ass to ass part in HD is possibly the sexiest thing ever! Sammie is awesome like always. I truly CANNOT believe you guys got Ainsley Addison. Ainsley Addison and Emily Addison within a month? You guys are the truth. Sammie is a goddess. I just love her so much! Sammie RHodes is the best. I enjoy watching her updates, she is phonemail. Brings great romace and lust to the scenes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Young Love

Brittneys been sending voodoo hot texts all day of her nice juicy tits. He had to rush over and see the rest of her awesome body. Shes home alone and looking to get dirty in the sack. This blondie is ready for cock as soon as Voodoo starts feeling up her fat jugs. She can really down a dick and then prepares herself for the pounding of her life. Dont miss this one, its super hot! Brittney is amazingly arousing. Even Voodoo seemed to be extra stimulated, reveling in her mouth and pussy. Extraordinary! MH She's awesome. One of the most beautiful pussies ive ever seen, also her moaning is extremely sexy. I just wished there was a cowgirl position. She looks like Regina George from that Movie MeanGirls. With Rachael McAdams. Does anyone know anything else this woman has been in?. Some fat pussy lips! Great titties, a candidate for Big Naturals! Hot and tatoo-free; that's how I like them... Her and another girl i school-girl uniforms! I lovw walesrn. Amazing tits and very cute feet. her body is perfect. more of her please! Magnificent body & super-horny! It's about time that the girl gets the guy to cum rather than him finishing himself on her face. One of the best she is GREAT & Voodoo is the man, most guys would have cum in 5 minutes in that sweet thing! Bring her back. she's ridiculous. only comment i've ever made and probably ever will make. That was a great tugjob at the end, wish she'd take the load in her mouth. Pretty girl. She is hot, she has no piercings or tatoos and that makes her freaky, BRING HER BACK! DAYUM. I dunno....i just don't like this chick. please don't delete this comment. u guys edit way too many postings u don't like. When Voodoo needs a vacation, give me a call. I'll fill in for him. I can not stand Voodoo but he gets to bang some of the hottest young biatches. More Britney. She is one of the best ever. I love that she has no tattoos and piercings.Man that is so awesome. She is hot. Bring her back for lots more!! good Job Vodoo..you da man..loves When voodoo eats ass. How do i watch the dare dorm update? Shes awesome great perfect body bring her soooooon please!!!!! thanks for letting him fuck her and not that commando midget . Voodoo is the man best person for the job you are all on sumthing. Voodoo is GREAT :) Great tits. Love the young girls with REAL boobs. Tits = 10, pussy lips = 10. Bring this chick back, she is smoking hot. Wow, it's not too often you see a girl with big tits on Pure 18. She's fucking hot!!! This girl is smoking hot!!!!!!! fucking awesome tits and nice pussy lips straight, blonde, big tits, shaved, white, 1on1, blow jobs, handjob, Britney Young

Some Good Loven

Yassmine showed us her wonderful candy she had to share with us. Her juicy ass and big jugs were looking amazing in her stockings and bikini. Soon after, she bent over and revealed her round booty to Voodoo. Next, we went into the bedroom for Voodoo to give her a massage. He began by rubbing down her sweet butt cheeks. Then, he began slapping his cock on her juicy ass. Once she realized what was happening, she grabbed that cock and continued slapping it on her luscious ass. She sucked that cock like candy and got her pussy pounded. She got man milk all over her delectable ass. I totally agree, Yasmine is AMAZING and I really would love to see much more of her RK! EXCELLENT UPDATE!! She is awesome , would love to see her, say at the beach or pool in a very small G-string or thong. your nuts.. This girl is AMAZING!!! Doggie scene blows my mind!!!! Nice tits, average ass, not really round, but it is brown. Alright scene. natural beautiful body hotn. Delicious and Sexy.. Bring Her Back soon. smokin hot this girl is hot as hell. want 2 c sum pink with that darkmeat. This girl is perfection. Please get her some more scenes asap. 1080p???? Hello, step into the 21 centry already!!!, 1080p HD dl, hd pleasern Wow!! Cum-ass...how cutting edge!! Never been DONE BEFORE!! pretty hot hick but boring scenen. Voodoo always does ass licking but not in this shoot. Too bad to. She's got a great ass, do her butt. Use wider shots. If I wanted close-ups sorry Bangbros is always there. where is the 1080p Site needs way more POV Camera work was miserable, Girl was pretty Hot, Sex was kind of boring no imagination. The male talent is alright just give me sexy women that fulfill my fantasy with great personality, physicality and wit. Bah, shes sexy as fuck, but use some wider angles. Makes it feel more real. Just doing close ups takes away from the reality. Come in the biatches mouthrn. everyone hates on voodoo, but he gets the job done.. horsecock.....what a freak Nice nipples. Cute girl. Ayana angel please bring her back.n Escorts Webcam straight, bikini, stockings, big tits, cameltoe, shaved, petite, ebony porn, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, blow jobs, Yasmine Loven