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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I agree to go fishing

"Last year the police came and threatened to arrest while to take off their clothes," said Bob. "You threaten everyone to stop every year, but they never do. For one day a year, the day of Nu is a game they keep playing all day to turn into a group sex nude naked. After leaving the police, the women take off their tops and bras again anyway, "said John." Come. Come. I want to see breasts. I like boobs, round breasts, filled with large puffy, pink nipples. Maybe we're lucky. " "No, we know that in the last year and beat almost squint through their drunken friends of their friends naked," said Mike. "Come on, guys. We should do something fun to celebrate National Nude, naked holiday. Naked day comes just once a year and when the bitter cold of winter will be again soon, we obtain I We soon come when we do not do something fun this summer sexual, "said John View from Bob to Mike. "Nah, I prefer to go fishing," said Mike. "Me too," said Bob. "At my age, it's the only time I'm lucky maybe catch a fish, instead of a naked woman." Said, "I know what we can do," said John. "We can go to the tavern and Kelly Irish Pub in South Boston. We were not, as the Big Brawl at the Southie St. Paddy's Day Parade." "Why get drunk in a bar, as we soak in the fresh air and sun can be on a boat? We can even take a punch or two, "said Bob. "I'm with Mike. I agree to go fishing. "

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