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Thursday, May 31, 2012

That Girl

Sally came by to have a great fuck. She had a massive ass that she shook all around in magnificent fashion. That ass was large and in charge. She also had a sweet pair of tits. Jmac joined the party and placed his head on that amazing ass while she bounced it around. She got her pussy pounded as that huge ass jiggled around. She got man juice all over her like she wanted. Please subscribers. Don't get hung up on Jmac or whomever. This is all about Sally. Good job guys. Excellent update, really would love to see much more spandex leggings RK! jmac must be the dumbest dude in the world. He should never try to be witty, because he can't. This girl has smokin curves. spandexxx!!! please have more of the babes wearing those leggins! Hot-ass woman and once again jmac can't be bothered to eat a pussy. Dump him already! Best chick ever no doubt-this ones worth subscription alone and I aint shittin ya !! nCant say enough-awesome job. Big booty, luvn' it damn! now that's thunder thighs and ass!!! Kuddos to naming it a song from Gucci Crew II. Sally...whew..That Girl! :) i wanna c more videos with her in them ,who is she She is sooo hot in those purple leggings ! Wow...hot, hot, hot....all that ass and nice titty to boot!!! I wonder if JMAC'S dick is sore today since he his in BOTH updates. Oh what a job. she got a lot of ass. like the chocolate. hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! SHE'S THE TRUTH! Escorts Relax straight, bikini, bigass, big tits, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, 1on1, blow jobs, Sally

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not So Flat

This week on money talks we find 2 ladies willing to take part in vagina golf. A hole in 1 will never be the same! Then we head over to the world famous Viper Room where Havoc gets on stage for some wet and wild bush beer. Finally its time for Jmac to offer Layla a stack of bills for that sexy ass that you do not want to miss!! The red head golf girl was Karlie Montana. Please get speedy goonzalez to stop talking behind the camera. who is the blonde playing golf? she is amazing. Layla deserve to be fucked all day. What a little nasty girl! 10. havoc scene, please? NEED HAVOC!!!! Jmac should have put his load all over her tight ass....she bounced on his dick so well. what's the name of havoc's masturbation scene? put her in a scene already. Havoc has a masturbation scene on this site. Go watch that, it's probably the closest we'll get to seeing her do anything sexu. The redhead in the golf scene is hot as hell, I'd like to see more of her! PUT HAVOC IN A SEX SCENE PLEASE. EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE HAVOC GET FUCKED SHES A DIME. The last girl Layla = awesome, very cute & great body. MORE. please put havoc in a real scene already. LOVE the girl nice body bring her back ASAP & JMac got to go let see SHIT,FUCK,SHIT,FUCK Slap some ass BORING! Man, you guys spend a whole lot of money on these girls. This is the reason I stay subscribed to you guys. Money Talks is #1. Not so flat is the wrong title for this one because the girl getting banged is very flat Who's Afraid of Vagina Golfe? the girl who gets fucked was so good.. so tiny but sure can fuck.. whats her name? I might just like golf now! LOTTA FUN.Loved pussy golf/JMAC[allways top job]LAYLA[so cute,get her back]lifted a bad day.2days other update boring.LOVED IT. Love this site, but this one was weak. Golf part was good, but the comical music does it's best to kill it. Rest was average. The two golf girls in the beginning were very hot! Nice tits lovely girl. I'd fuck her. Shame we did not see that little pussy from the front, girl always turn away when they dro. You have to be one world class skank to need to put a condom on a dildo....rn straight, blonde, redhead, hairy, shaved, skinny, white, club, outside, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Signs Of Lovemaking

The lovely, Geminii, came to have a good time. She was looking super hot in that see through outfit and stockings. She had a sweet juicy pair of jugs and when she turned around, I noticed her huge amazing ass. That ass was round and beautiful and she knew how to shake it all around in spectacular fashion. She sucked that cock and got her sweet pussy hammered. She rode that cock as her huge ass bounced around. She got man juice all over her amazing ass. Chicks a freak bring her ass back! damn she bad, who could keep up with that. JAYSKULL: Love this Jiggle Azz bring her back, can you all get jack napier to do a r&b scene. want to see amateur girl vs big cock PHAT ASS SHE GOT ONE THANKS,MORE PLEASE!rn I think we have a clear cut and absolute winner !!!!!! give her the dickn Pretty wild so he couldn't keep up. Who could???? WTF RK, big tits, phat nips, big phat ass, man the body of a goddess, this is what round & brown is about thanx. Bring her back with prince. great ass nice pussy lips, nice tits hate the tit piercings though tit piercings is not attractive at all ask girls not 2 wear. definately love the oil...all over that phat booty and gina. Omg WOW. Speechless. Thanks RK!!! Damn what a body, too bad that little boy couldnt handle it. She is a nice find RK! A true Nubian Goddesss. Gemini is one in a million. She is an F.T.B.B.L.P. girl. Face, teeth, boobs, butt, legs and personality. Finally a girl that isnt scared to get fuckd hard; to bad buddy couldnt go the distance. She Bad but im convinced that white boys cant fuck smh. Gemini is an upcoming star! gosh, i'd shove my face in her ass and munch on her asshole! i so want to feel my cock inside her! PLEASE bring her back! My god she is a cock sucking CHAMP! this is what im talking bout!!!!! round,oily and brown..!!!!! i love it!!!!!!! Escorts straight, blonde, lingerie, stockings, bigass, big tits, piercings, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, bodyoil, outside, pool, 1on1, blow jobs, Gemini Lovell

Monday, May 28, 2012

More Moretti

Bella was preparing to DJ for a party, looking hot in that bikini. She started shaking her luscious ass and it was incredible. She started getting all hot and horny and began playing with her pussy. She got very horny and needed some cock. Soon after, she was slurping down a cock in her mouth. She got her pussy munched and her ass worshiped. She got her pussy pounded and got man milk all over her pretty face. Would have been a great scene if the guy was actually a pornstar. When she's bending over lick her ass. Wish it were Voodoo. Smoking Hot.. More Of Bella.. Please... Chick is smoking hot and a beautiful pussy. But you can tell she wasn't trying to get cum in her hair lol. why are we seeing guys faces; who really wants to see guys mugging for the camera. One of the hottest scenes ever, I could watch her endlessly! Amazing girl. Extremely attractive, great blowjob. And a facial, not another come on ass. Quality scene. Shes amazing.. But the guys gotta go.. Should have been munching on that ass instead he looked like he had never seen one before. I love Bella! More Bella! Very nice lady. Nice everything, esp smile. The only disappointment was the oil again. Please let's stop this oil stuff.n I don't know what your talking about. This new guy, Clarke Kent is handling very well. He better with Bella. More of Clarke. Arielle is amazing. Niki Minaj has NOTHING on her. She is easily a 10. She is truly a special girl. Reality Kings is the best... when she smiles she looks like niki minaj lol Wow...Nice.. Fine chick... but id prefer a never before seen Amateur instead. btw...your new male talent looks funny...but bad performer Escorts Webcam straight, bikini, bigass, piercings, shaved, skinny, tattoo, ebony porn, bodyoil, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, handjob, masturbation, Bella Moretti

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Round for Pound

Staceey made a delicious fruit salad but the most savory ingredients were the ones that she left out, such as her huge mega melons and monster ass. She waited until her guest was done eating and then she revealed her magnificent body. She teased her guest by slapping his schlong with her big brown fun bags and by also smothering his face with her booty. When Staceey was wet and ready she served Mr. Cock the best piece of pussy he has ever fucked. her face is fat, but her body is a 10!!!n Cute girl..But not RK's best... This girl is banging!! Cute face and thick womanly body- ass and tits!! I don't like them too thick but this girl is right! She's gorgeous RK! Please bring her back soon! great girl all around (face,body,tits,ass,thickness) but she was boring as fuck ...round, brown, yea yea.... just wish she actually enjoyed herself; props for her not acting though. man round and brown is killing me with these ass cumshots. this is porn set it up. sexy girl though like to see her more often Round & Brown, and Big Naturals....YES, to bad those meaty tits where not fucked and cummed on the ending,hate fn ass shots ! she got the body but her face....if you guys want skinny girls go to the teen site...it says round and brown... Get Janine & Voodoo on here ASAP! Mmmm...This IS the REAL THING!!!!! Most men wish their woman look this good...and still be all natural!!!! Sweet update! I love the naturally thick girls like this one, nice work RnB! he having sex with predatorn wow this was bad. fat and hideous face horrible.not pleasant viewing. In my opinion the scene was pretty good. That beautiful,sexy, carmel skin honey was fine as hell Stacey Monroeis needs dane cros Fat Black chick...and then you all pair her with a tiny white cock that cant make it through her fat. Double fail this week!! Come on RnB! The last few updates been fat sloppy women. Lets see some that actually know what the inside of a gym looks like! LOVE the thickness from last 2 weeks keep it coming!!!! Escorts Relax straight, bigass, big tits, shaved, ebony porn, 1on1, blow jobs, Stacey Monroe

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gogo Get It

Gogo was having a big booty workout. She was wearing a tiny pair of shorts that showcased that big round ass. She worked out her large ass with several amazing exercises. Then, Jerry joined the party and began massaging her big round rump with baby oil all over it. Soon after, she got her pussy pounded and go man juice all over that luscious ass. YES,YES,YES.!!! She's so sexy and I love ass, THANKS RK! Another Hot big round & brown bootay, thanx RK get this dude off your site. He's a clown Agree kinda boring.thought guy ok though.good cumshot but otherwise yes kinda boring. it was okn hot hot hot girl!!!!!!!!love her curvy body!!!!!thanks round and brown!!! nice lookin chick......not a good match with this Jerry guy though. Scene was kinda boring. Chicas Webcam 803 straight, bigass, cameltoe, piercings, shaved, petite, tattoo, ebony porn, bodyoil, gym, outside, 1on1, asslick, blow jobsm, Gogo Fukme

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Trade Off

We had a real freak come through the apartment this week. She knew what we where about and was ready to get to the business of fucking. After checking out her bedroom she had one thing in mind, dick. This hot blonde was not shy at all and even wanted some ass loving. We where more than happy to satisfy. Enjoy. Very cute girl but didn't care for the anal. Great update. OMG the anal and squirting are amazing. Bring Barra back more!!!! About time you got it right. Love it! anal and squirting update, fucking hot! Hot girl, great anal. About time. Hell yeah! Choky kills it every time. 10 AMAZING.BARRA O.M.G.THAT ASSHOLE BEING DRILLED SUPERB.The Squirt awesome.RK more like this then yes worlds best porn siteA1 . straight, blonde, shaved, white, shower, 1on1, anal, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, handjob, Barra Brass

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Amazing

The smoking hot Lola is joining us this week on Round and Brown. This hottie came over in her work clothes looking super sexy. She has quite the ass on her. Voodoo was ready to go eat but she wanted to get in some other clothes and made him wait. He could not stand sitting around so he snuck into get a peek of her stripping. He could not help himself once he saw her amazing curves and had to go feel up her awesome ass right away. Once he got his hands on her, it was on to some real fun. Come check out this hot number working her fine ass on some cock. She is a keeper. Voodoo is over used, and it's always the same stuff with all these guys...mix it up a bit..oh and voodoo...don't act Lola's got what I want too. That Asss! Hot!rn does anyone elses penis emit a liquidy white substance while watching this??? Sexy.. More Lola... I'd follow her to the moon and the stars above. best scene in a while! hot girl big cock hard fucking = A btw..can u all get jack napier 2 do a scene w/ new girl on r&b? I love your sexy girls all site full naket sexy tits round asses sexy pussy and big dick fuck hard more please on rk always love a black chick with nice hair, we need more with nice hair! Ridiculous looking breasts in my opinion. Why?nDoes anyone think her breasts, and similar breasts on other women, look good? be careful voodoo has a big ego,he reads this shit ! I sure do like the idea of the camerawoman.... Now we need her to participate! Not brown enough? If this site was "Round & Blue", she'd be blue enough. That ass is a work of art. Also gripping pussy lips Fake tits, but Alayah Sashu type bubble butt, good job RK Voodoo in every scene kills it. VOODOO is fuckin PAIN IN THE ASS. Anoying.Lucky Jackass.- Her ass is monster, woow. DAMN IT, RK,thats an AWESOME update! MORE!!! This is the best chick in R&B, amazing and and VOODOO you are my idol!! I want more of this chick what a beautiful ass she has! she can sit that ass on my face! don't mind the boob job, but to light skinned for the site IMO voodoo is annoying, The end NO ANAL.such a shame.great ass.top stud.RK seems to have gone anti anal. Ummm...WOW. I hope you follow this up with Janine & Voodoo Wow voodo is not my type he kinda annoys me honestly. great girl and one of the best asses I've seen on RK shape wise in my opinio YES! YES! YES! Great update, stunning woman. Videos Porno straight, bigass, big tits, piercings, shaved, ebony porn, bodyoil, 1on1, blow jobs, handjob, Lola James

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Dream Of Booty

We flew in Damanie for her first shoot ever! She's really excited to be here and is looking so fine. JMac will do the honors of breaking her in. This chick is fun, energetic, and packing a booty that don't quit! As she walk into our house, she bent over the couch relieving that amazing arch she has. Had her shaking that ass and getting that pussy wet. Jmac wasted no time and laid it down on her. Position after position. Ass slap after Ass slap. Had her even licking cum of the couch in the end. Great update! Amazing!! Yum Yum a fine phat round&brown booty, thanx RK round and brown beast! Loved this scene. Would've liked tro see more anal play tho. That ass was made for licking. Bring her back soon!!!!! I'd like to see more facials on R&B HEAD DOCTOR That's some good booty yeah!!!! Anal ...ugh! I agree. What's with the lack of anal RK? This scene could have been better. Update Captain Stabbin! JMAC ALLWAYS TOP JOB.But todays updates Jmac/James Dean.both tailpipe supremos and no anal on RK.WHY?Where do we get anal fix??? off all the places to unload,whats with that She is stacked...best shots are side view angles in my opinion...she rode like a champ tho!!! That's what I'm fucking talking about! Rk is on it this week! Chicas Webcam 803 straight, bigass, piercings, puffynips, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, Damanie Rose

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twice Ass Round

Yassmine and Jayden were cooking up a storm waiting for Preston to come back from working out. Who wouldn't want these two getting food ready for when you got home. They were dressed up and everything. When he got back and saw them, he totally forgot he was even hungry. The asses on them were just ridiculously large. The best thing was that there was no junk in these trunks. They were all firm and tight as the secret service. Preston took charge and got them all wet and bounced those asses all over the kitchen. It is kind of funny that they were cooking to feed him, but he is the one that fed them. They gobble his cock up like Thanksgiving dessert. They eventually moved into the living room were they took turns bouncing on his cock. After a few glorious positions of an asstacular time Preston made his own sauce and had enough to coat a face and a set of titties. Very very nice and no Voodoo, was even more nice. Beautiful ladies. When he grabbed that water bottle, I almost stopped viewing thinking more oil. Thanks for sparing us. Yasmine and Jayden sexy as hell seperate, together amazing.. more of these two please.. i love jayden starr's big fat fuckin ass..bring her back often and with baby oil!!!!! if you guys can get her to do anal!! omg! Love Yasmine Lovenrnthanx for bring her back again. more, how about at the pool in a very sma;; thong swim suite? and love the Preston facials!!! please bring cody lane like if u agree!!!!!!!!!!! damn! they both could sit on my face so that i could shove my tongue in their asses! Two hot too stop!!!! Very very nice~~~ rnrnZe waren allemaal vast en strak als de geheime dienst. nice, definally one of the best ones from r & b, nice big butts and tease. Preston is the best...want to see him do cum fiesta scenes. Porno nacional straight, bbw, bigass, big tits, shaved, ebony porn, 2on1, threesome, 2girlbj, blow jobs, Jayden Starr, Yasmine Loven

Friday, May 18, 2012

Play Things

Alexis and Brett seduced Sammie, took off her clothing and then tied her hands together. They teased and made her beg for a minutes before double teaming her sweet tight pussy. After having a taste of Sammie, the girls made her lick and tongue fuck both of them. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, lingerie, big tits, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, threesome, asslick, masturbation Cast: Alexis Ford, Brett Rossi, Sammie Rhodes Re Tweet: "We live with Sammie": chapter 159. What a bore! Alexis.More Alexis.This is what watching lez is about.I could watch her bury her face into sloppy p*ssy all day long. Sammy should be up against some great tits & bodies. Forget those whimpy little pussys she normally gfoes with. Alexis ford knows how to eat pussy. She gets right in there and nIs not afraid. More scenes of her pls!!! Loved the spit swapping... more please :) Three women but just two really acting at once !? Good camera positions. The kissing is what elevates this video, increases its erotic power and puts it on another level. Nice work. rnMORE ALEXIS!!rn . Holy shit, sammie rhodes is so FINE!! Love the kissing and adore Sammy...this was great...noboby licks ass like Sammy. Just give sammie her own site already and get her off we live together. More kinky shit with sammie! I like! Where Is ESP? "We live with Sammie": chapter 159. What a bore! Ditto!! What happened to the 1080HD files???! Me like! Love the facesitting and the hot blonde getting her pussy eating while standing up. But of course: They are all hot bln. For the love of god get rid of sammie. You delete any comments that you don't like. All I asked was where is the 1080 DL. Lux kassidy, molly cavalli and jessica lynn in one scene!! Please!!! You can add Faye to the mix too!!! So much time wasted on kissing and facial expressions. This video could have been great. Yay Brett Rossi is back, she's just perfect, nice update a bit different and nice too. There is something about a beautiful girl who eats the asshole of another beautiful girl that I just totally love... This update is fucking hot. Sammie being all tied up.. Just amazing with her Alexis Ford and Brett Rossi.

Take It

Bree finally got some alone time with Sammie. They agreed to only wear sexy underwear and matching thigh high stockings. The girls flirted and sensually kissed before taking the action to the daybed. After licking and pussy rubbing each other, Bree brought out her new dildo. She fucked Sammie in her little tight glory and then she received the ultimate rim job. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, stockings, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, 1on1, asslick, dildo, masturbation Cast: Bree Daniels, Sammie Rhodes BREE DANIELS AMAZING.More bree please.with younger model like Lily Carter.retire the older model.overexposed and over the top... Molly Cavalli & Sammie RHodes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lezlust Bree's face @ 7:44 is wadsworth. Focused:out-of-focus ratio sucks.Pick a position and sit for a while.We watch in slowm. Sammie rhodes is the #1 pornstar....wanna see some stuffy besides lesbian....even though i love it. Straps WLT = Gold. 2 gorgeous girls here. Seeing Sammie Rhodes is always a pleasure such a killer body and sexapeal. I could watch her for hours. Sammie =instant boner. Will watch it, but no Molly Cavalli, we miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice but would like to see Malena and Eufrat more. Keep featuring the gorgeous Bree Daniels in scenes as hot as this and I will stay a member forever!! Don't usually like this site but that was amazing! The ass licking is boner inducing. Awesome! Need Rilee Marks and Georgia Jones also..Alexia and Malena..lots of different girls could make this better. When is malena morgan returning. Finally toys on rk why has it taken so long this site has gone so softcore since its glory days of 2005-2008 Sammie RHodes is fucking amazing!! Getting a toy up her ass. Best update of the year. Wonderful update RK!! Love the asslick and the dildo anal!! Keep it coming please!!

Pink Pussies

Risi and Sammi Rhodes did their best to tease us. Two sexy bodies wrapped in a towel had the imagination brewing. Until they finally dropped those towels. Risi and Sammie were works of art. Succulent bodies and juicy tongues. Pussies being caressed and played with, with such sensual delight. Truly wonderful. EnJoY! [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, big tits, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, shower, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick Cast: Risi Simms, Sammie Rhodes More videos of lesbians in water... something about soaking wet bodies and hair that makes them soooooo sexy. Very exciting asslick, WOW! Sammie was great.n Definately prefer Risi's natural look, that being said, they both did a damn good job and are amazingly hot! Love seeing a girl nose deep eating other girl's pussy. BRING BACK MOLLY CAVALLI!!! The ass eating is so HOT Love Risi!! Prefer her '07 look and natural boobs, but hey we all age. her scene with renna ryann sold me on FTV Girls yrs ago. Man, wtf happened to Risi?? looks like another one bites the dust :( damn girls and their boob jobs :( Good update, but why become the videos shorter month by month ???????? Sammie is better than the chicks that used to be here. They flicked tongue on puss. Now puss gets eaten the right way. This is almost the perfect lesbian scene. The awesome kissing, the almost POV pussy-licking, A ... except for Risi's bolt-ons. maybe replace sammie with some other innocent young talent? She could transition to a milf/lesbian site?? Super update. Sammie is the best!!!! I also dont like it when the camera cuts from the action to face only.I love WLT.. love it when sammie is licking asshole and fingering pussy at the same time. she is always sooo into it.n Sammie is a treasure. Never tire of her. Love the kissing.It is such a turn on. I agree Risi was already perfect. like the kissing but in moderation,love the fingering techniques now we need some squirting,sammie and the girls always hot gj Sammie is still sexy as hell. Only complaint is that she always looks like shes high. Gets annoying after a while. Last few updates of We Live Together have been great. Love the kissing... keep it up! Risi ruined a beautiful body with those breasts. Part of her appeal was the natural look. Oh well. Why waste so much time with kissing? More pussy on display is needed. Dont cut away from action for faces! Sammie always brings her A game. Risi is crazy hot. You guys have the bad habit to not listen the members. I think it's time to cancel this site. nice background in the tubs, but can you get 3 or 4 in at the same time for next update? Shit, Sammie is back. If I wanted to watch some old hag I'd sign up for a senior citizen porn site. Get rid of her. Shes gross. Wheres Georgia Jones..Rille Marks..Never use them anymore. Agree too much Sammie.rest her to do her sideline work.fresh talent needed. Why is Sammie in every video? Most guys in relationships watch porn cuz they're tired of seeing the same pussy day in and out. fucking hot as hell risi and sammie what tub time duo fucking hot more sammie more risi please thank you rk for this. This update was sensational. Loved seeing Sammie getting her wet pussy eaten. YAY!! for having her on this week.

Kiss and tell

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Soft and supple

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