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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pink Pussies

Risi and Sammi Rhodes did their best to tease us. Two sexy bodies wrapped in a towel had the imagination brewing. Until they finally dropped those towels. Risi and Sammie were works of art. Succulent bodies and juicy tongues. Pussies being caressed and played with, with such sensual delight. Truly wonderful. EnJoY! [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, big tits, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, shower, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick Cast: Risi Simms, Sammie Rhodes More videos of lesbians in water... something about soaking wet bodies and hair that makes them soooooo sexy. Very exciting asslick, WOW! Sammie was great.n Definately prefer Risi's natural look, that being said, they both did a damn good job and are amazingly hot! Love seeing a girl nose deep eating other girl's pussy. BRING BACK MOLLY CAVALLI!!! The ass eating is so HOT Love Risi!! Prefer her '07 look and natural boobs, but hey we all age. her scene with renna ryann sold me on FTV Girls yrs ago. Man, wtf happened to Risi?? looks like another one bites the dust :( damn girls and their boob jobs :( Good update, but why become the videos shorter month by month ???????? Sammie is better than the chicks that used to be here. They flicked tongue on puss. Now puss gets eaten the right way. This is almost the perfect lesbian scene. The awesome kissing, the almost POV pussy-licking, A ... except for Risi's bolt-ons. maybe replace sammie with some other innocent young talent? She could transition to a milf/lesbian site?? Super update. Sammie is the best!!!! I also dont like it when the camera cuts from the action to face only.I love WLT.. love it when sammie is licking asshole and fingering pussy at the same time. she is always sooo into it.n Sammie is a treasure. Never tire of her. Love the kissing.It is such a turn on. I agree Risi was already perfect. like the kissing but in moderation,love the fingering techniques now we need some squirting,sammie and the girls always hot gj Sammie is still sexy as hell. Only complaint is that she always looks like shes high. Gets annoying after a while. Last few updates of We Live Together have been great. Love the kissing... keep it up! Risi ruined a beautiful body with those breasts. Part of her appeal was the natural look. Oh well. Why waste so much time with kissing? More pussy on display is needed. Dont cut away from action for faces! Sammie always brings her A game. Risi is crazy hot. You guys have the bad habit to not listen the members. I think it's time to cancel this site. nice background in the tubs, but can you get 3 or 4 in at the same time for next update? Shit, Sammie is back. If I wanted to watch some old hag I'd sign up for a senior citizen porn site. Get rid of her. Shes gross. Wheres Georgia Jones..Rille Marks..Never use them anymore. Agree too much Sammie.rest her to do her sideline work.fresh talent needed. Why is Sammie in every video? Most guys in relationships watch porn cuz they're tired of seeing the same pussy day in and out. fucking hot as hell risi and sammie what tub time duo fucking hot more sammie more risi please thank you rk for this. This update was sensational. Loved seeing Sammie getting her wet pussy eaten. YAY!! for having her on this week.

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