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Friday, May 18, 2012

We Cosplay Together

Katsuni thought it would be fun to dress up and have a photo shoot with her gal pals. They were having a blast and started tickling each other and horsing around until Katsuni got aroused and things became a bit more serious. The cameramen kept rolling as Katsuni dominated Shyla and pulled her cute panties off of her. Risi did not watch for long and joined in on the dress up and dress down fun. Katsuni was pleasured by both her roomies, but in the end they all took care of each other by finger banging and licking pussy and asshole until they were completely satiated. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of these sexy, costumed sheroes. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, brunette, hairy, puffynips, shaved, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, asian porn, white, threesome, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, masturbation Cast: Katsuni, Risi Simms, Shyla Jennings TODAYS UPDATE????????????? where is this weeks update? nice, but pure 18 was late and lousy... where is we live together???? katsuni and company was good, but be on time. please Great! Loved Katsuni as dominant and the way she demanded to be pleased. And the anime angle was a nice touch. Needs more dildo action in more shoots. Risi? YES!!! Cosplay site? YES!!! damn! i want to fuck katsuni!!! and all that kissing was sexy as hell!!! nearly perfect !!!!! please more like that excluding sammie/toys !!! MOre cosplay :Dn Really didn't think I'd be into this kind of thing but DAMN that was hot! There should be a site dedicated to cosplay. Loved the hairy pussy. Loved the two young hotties eating the mature beauty. Loved the outfits. Awesome set! Love Cosplay and the ladies looked amazing! More of this would be great!n. 1 more vote for a cosplay site!! love the costumes. This should be its own weekly update site. More Cosplay Porn! Literally 8 years to the day since Katsuni's last scene. More of this! more! Shyla's bush is fucking hot. I dont normally like bush but I was surprisingly turned on by Shyla's. Loved the new update. please do this again. great performances all around. excellent video full of great kissing. It's shame hairy pussys seem to be coming back in style. It's as much a turnoff to me as hairy pits. Still a good shoot over Please, moar of this!!!!nAnd we love Risi! Do more of this forever. Awesome and something fresh. It was better when girls found each other in public places, and after they went to the house. At least for me. Katsuni is HOT! Hunter fucked her in '04. Would love to see her get fucked again. GOOD UPDATE.Agree love to see RISI TAKE COCK.She is some HOT CHICK. Risi has seriously got to do some Boy/Girl Action. She is the hottest lady on this site. Creative, might draw in more anime fans if you promote it aggressively.

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