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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Dream Of Booty

We flew in Damanie for her first shoot ever! She's really excited to be here and is looking so fine. JMac will do the honors of breaking her in. This chick is fun, energetic, and packing a booty that don't quit! As she walk into our house, she bent over the couch relieving that amazing arch she has. Had her shaking that ass and getting that pussy wet. Jmac wasted no time and laid it down on her. Position after position. Ass slap after Ass slap. Had her even licking cum of the couch in the end. Great update! Amazing!! Yum Yum a fine phat round&brown booty, thanx RK round and brown beast! Loved this scene. Would've liked tro see more anal play tho. That ass was made for licking. Bring her back soon!!!!! I'd like to see more facials on R&B HEAD DOCTOR That's some good booty yeah!!!! Anal ...ugh! I agree. What's with the lack of anal RK? This scene could have been better. Update Captain Stabbin! JMAC ALLWAYS TOP JOB.But todays updates Jmac/James Dean.both tailpipe supremos and no anal on RK.WHY?Where do we get anal fix??? off all the places to unload,whats with that She is stacked...best shots are side view angles in my opinion...she rode like a champ tho!!! That's what I'm fucking talking about! Rk is on it this week! Chicas Webcam 803 straight, bigass, piercings, puffynips, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, Damanie Rose

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