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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Amazing

The smoking hot Lola is joining us this week on Round and Brown. This hottie came over in her work clothes looking super sexy. She has quite the ass on her. Voodoo was ready to go eat but she wanted to get in some other clothes and made him wait. He could not stand sitting around so he snuck into get a peek of her stripping. He could not help himself once he saw her amazing curves and had to go feel up her awesome ass right away. Once he got his hands on her, it was on to some real fun. Come check out this hot number working her fine ass on some cock. She is a keeper. Voodoo is over used, and it's always the same stuff with all these guys...mix it up a bit..oh and voodoo...don't act Lola's got what I want too. That Asss! Hot!rn does anyone elses penis emit a liquidy white substance while watching this??? Sexy.. More Lola... I'd follow her to the moon and the stars above. best scene in a while! hot girl big cock hard fucking = A btw..can u all get jack napier 2 do a scene w/ new girl on r&b? I love your sexy girls all site full naket sexy tits round asses sexy pussy and big dick fuck hard more please on rk always love a black chick with nice hair, we need more with nice hair! Ridiculous looking breasts in my opinion. Why?nDoes anyone think her breasts, and similar breasts on other women, look good? be careful voodoo has a big ego,he reads this shit ! I sure do like the idea of the camerawoman.... Now we need her to participate! Not brown enough? If this site was "Round & Blue", she'd be blue enough. That ass is a work of art. Also gripping pussy lips Fake tits, but Alayah Sashu type bubble butt, good job RK Voodoo in every scene kills it. VOODOO is fuckin PAIN IN THE ASS. Anoying.Lucky Jackass.- Her ass is monster, woow. DAMN IT, RK,thats an AWESOME update! MORE!!! This is the best chick in R&B, amazing and and VOODOO you are my idol!! I want more of this chick what a beautiful ass she has! she can sit that ass on my face! don't mind the boob job, but to light skinned for the site IMO voodoo is annoying, The end NO ANAL.such a shame.great ass.top stud.RK seems to have gone anti anal. Ummm...WOW. I hope you follow this up with Janine & Voodoo Wow voodo is not my type he kinda annoys me honestly. great girl and one of the best asses I've seen on RK shape wise in my opinio YES! YES! YES! Great update, stunning woman. Videos Porno straight, bigass, big tits, piercings, shaved, ebony porn, bodyoil, 1on1, blow jobs, handjob, Lola James

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