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Friday, May 18, 2012

Suck In Stylez

Myeshia was hanging out with Kat around the house while Voodoo was fixing the fridge. Myeshias thick thighs and big juicy ass were looking amazing those tiny shorts. Myeshia and Kat decided to go work out in the gym. While they were working out, they wanted to prank Voodoo and workout bottomless. Myeshia took off her shorts and panties and revealed her large succulent ass. Once Voodoo returned from fixing the fridge, he noticed that they were half naked and he quickly took off his shorts and joined them in working out bottomless. Soon after, Myeshia was sucking his cock on the treadmill. She sat her juicy pussy on his face. She got her pussy hammered as her big butt bounced around. She got man milk all over that round booty. There's no way her ass is real... but i like it. Fine & Stacked, she looks even better than b4, "NICE". I can watch her walking on that treadmil ALL DAY PERFECT ROUND BOOTY. needs to be barefoot with better positions. beautiful girl,male performer is Lame like the ending,bring her back with someone else. OMGoodness! RK NEVER ceases to amaze me. Myeshia Nicole, you look AMAZING! Kat, will you please do ALL RK's filming and talking. damn she was amazing! i'd let her sit on my face too! Beautiful girl, incredibly boring scene. How about a little variety? Kissing? 69? Facial? Voodoo sux, please use new talent. man i love a thick ass on a treadmill...i could watch that shit all day....nice girl here..keep em round please!! same problem bruv Escorts Webcam straight, hotpants, bigass, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, gym, 1on1, blow jobs, Myeshia Nicole

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