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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cum So Sweet

Dani has herself a smoking hot sex slave all to herself today. She has her tied up and ready to go. She comes up to her and teases her and plays with her sexy lips. She then leads her by her leash over to a more comfortable spot where she really takes full advantage of her slave. You dont want to miss these two hotties with perfect bodies sucking each other dry. Super hot action here, instant classic. [Watch Trailer] Tags: lesbian porn, brunette, hairy, shaved, tattoo, white, outside, pool, 1on1, asslick Cast: Dani Daniels, Lizz Tayler Dani Daniels is the HOTTEST girl in Lesbian porn atm! Please keep bringing her back.. Her face is godly. Not to mention her bod. Hot scene on a scale of 1 two 10 this scene is a 20. MAN, I LOVE THE ASSLICK! KEEP IT COMING RK! The erotic way this scene started is how you should start some of your 3 ways in the future. start with 2 girls n 3rd soon aftr. too much kissing again, disturbing camera noises. More group scenes please; Sammie not necessary for that ! There are always naysayers, but if you don't recognize how great the last two WLT are, you are blind, RK! More! and more Liz to. Sammie gets furious when they shoot scenes without her. But she scares the younger girls. It would be like screwing your grandma. more Lizz!!!! More of Lizz Tayler! thank you for leaving sammie outn a lot of great anal licking. thumbs up! More bush on this site. Awesome update. They ate the shit out of each other. Sammie is a perfect person to be dominated or be the dominator. SHe should of been in this update. The slave should be used for pleasure. No facesitting? WTF!? Celeste or Sammie should be in this scene, make the slave squirm! Great job RK, another duo update ! But I agree with the previous comment, we would like to see some 69 and facesitting ! good update-love the ass licking-more dirty talk please-when is next milf next door update? More adds RK. who's the other girl?rn Pure routine:same actions,same positions...what happened with the 69,facesitting?...WHERE IS MOLLY??? Nothing wrong with some variety, there's plenty of Sammie on here already.. a leash scene and sammie not involved ? who has a history of biatchcraft no warning i guess popular rules over screen domination. Lizz should do a HC scene soon... sammmie is great but it's also great to see Lizz Tayler back which they need to have more updates with Lizz Tayler. wish i could see the girls names on the preview and this update need some blonde in it cough cough sammie

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