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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Women naked

"What are you doing today?" John looked at his friends, Bob and Mike. "The Red Sox play Tampa Bay at Fenway today," said Bob. "Let's go get lost." "Nee is, unless you want to roast in the stands, not just go to the ballpark and buy," said John. "You have sold for more than nine years. Also, if you buy a ticket from a scalper, all season ticket holders and businesses the best places have already been taken anyway. They also play Tampa Bay off today at Tropicana Field, Florida. " "I'd rather go fishing, anyway," said Mike looked up to heaven. "It's a great day, the boat floating on water, drink a few beers and some laughs. What do you say? Well, well go fishing. " "You are boring. They act as if you're retired. Fuddy duddies You are already old," said John looks at his two friends. "You never want to do something. You do not know what day is it today? " "It's Saturday," said Bob. "So?" "What else?" John looked at his friends with a face full of excitement. "July 14," said Mike. "So?" "What else?" John looked at Bob Mike. "I do not know. I give up," said Bob. "Is it your birthday?" "I really do not care what day it is different when I'm away from work," said Mike Bob slap a high five. "Today, it is women naked, Nude days days," said John. "I say we go downtown and celebrate with all the naked hot young chick drunk and drugged stripping off their clothes to celebrate the festival on the town and bare Boston, while splashes and frolic in the frog pond. "

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