Ride This Boat


Thursday, July 12, 2012


Suddenly, like magic, and now Bob look younger and had no pain. Muscle, fat and replaced his hair and teeth for support. Then, as he looked at his pants, and now, his cock was bigger and harder than it ever was. "Wow, I feel good," he said of his best impersonation of Tony the Tiger did. "What do you think, Nimrod?" The Genii turned to Mike. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command," said the Genii with arms folded across his chest, staring at Mike. "My name is Mike, Geniuses. Caution or instead of, you grant me my wish, I'll put your ass in the bottle," he said, while John held the genies in the bottle and the bottle exploded in hand. "Best you do not fuck with a Genie," John whispered, and shook his head backwards away from the Genii. "Yes," said Bob looked all dead fish. "In any case, just as you do not want to upset him, you do not want him to pee on you either." "As Genii of honor, even though you have insulted me, I'm still gives you a wish. Hurry up and you just want something, Mike, please. I have places to visit, activities and people to see. What is your wish? " "Ok, I want one million, not billion U.S. dollars cash in small denominations and unmarked," said Mike, but not here and not now. I want the money deposited by my basement. Otherwise, my floor in my house would sell in. I always think, "he said, tapping his head with his forefinger." Do you know what weighs a billion dollars U.S.? When he dumped to one billion U.S. dollars over our little boat, well, we sink to the bottom. " "No, I have no idea how much weighs one billion people have no dollars," said Bob. "How much is one billion U.S. dollars weigh?" "Come," said Mike, "I read somewhere that weighs a million dollars in U.S. hundred dollar bills 22 pounds. So if one million U.S. dollars in hundred dollar bills weighs 22 pounds over a billion dollars ... would weigh 220 pounds to 10 million, 100 million for 2220 and - " "Weighs Gees, one billion U.S. dollars 22.220 pounds," said the Genie. "What do you mean not only with zeros. You are truly a Nimrod, does not it? Let us go forward with this, are we going?" "Oh, and as part of my wish, I would like a bag filled with tens and twenties, ten thousand U.S. dollars in total to be exact, with a note that read," Bye! "To free myself from my wife, Sheila," he said, laughing. "Once I have my billion cash in hand, I'll say goodbye to your ass, and ten thousand dollars is all it is. We are almost ten years of marriage, j ' have a thousand dollars a year, more than enough for them to leave. " Videos Porno

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