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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What do you want?

Convicted of five counts of manslaughter, drunken driving his third offense, accused the judge of book about him and sentenced him to 20 years to life for each nun, whom he killed. Basically, sentenced to life imprisonment with Bob, 45, even with good behavior, it would not be out of prison for 80 years, when he completed his 125-years. Now he wants the dead were, he never wanted, he wanted for a long life. Instead, like John, he wished he had the desire to save. If it is still a wish, he was trying to use it to escape from prison. If only, like John, he had the foresight enough to ask for more wishes. Mike has not had much success with his wishes, either. See awaiting one billion U.S. dollars small unmarked bills, with a paper bag filled with ten thousand dollars with the remark, "Bye!" He saw nothing. With his front door wide open, as if his house was suddenly abandoned, Mike was surprised to see his house was empty. In the absence of signs of his wife, he knocked on the door of his neighbor. . "Hello, Sheila margin is not at home and I was just wondering if -" "Oh, I thought she was with you. An armored car, five of them, actually leaving your house an hour ago. I thought you move. Here," she said, handing him a bag. "Sheila gave me this to give you." When Mike came home, he threw the contents of the bag on the kitchen table and counted the money. Only ten thousand dollars, there was a note for his determined but, given him, "Bye!" She left with all his money. John decided to use his vows thirteen frugal, so wisely and not to lose on a bigger house, a new car, only money, and / or longevity and health. Instead, before all his desires, he waited. Months went by in a flash of naked Day, the day he met the spirits in a bottle of beer St. Pauli girl stuck. August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June and July with John rolled through yet any of his desires. He wanted Bob out of jail, but he did not need to waste a wish on him. He could not, Mike would have wanted another billion fortune, but he has not lost even the desire in him. He had his best wishes to fulfill his wish list to 13. Finally, on Sunday, July 14, 2013, Naked Day, John took out his gold doubloons and rubbed. "Geniuses. Geniuses. Geniuses". Almost immediately, the same blue / green mist, but this time instead of over the water, appeared in the mist blue / green in his house. "Who will help me, I am at your request. I'll give you one wish. Your wish is my command. Oh, it's you again. People want to Thirteen. I hope you make your wishes better than the two friends, "he says with a laugh. "What do you want? Tell me, what are your wishes, so I'll go back to what I do with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian." "John gave the Genii magazine Playboy. My wish is to have thirteen Miss January, Miss February, Miss March Miss April, Miss May, Miss June, Miss July, Miss August Miss September, Miss October, Miss November and Miss December to Playboy Playmate from the list. Since my thirteenth wish, I wish for a billion dollars in my account. I need money to buy a yacht and to cover my travel expenses, so I travel constantly through the world, while celebrating Nude day every day with my bare twelve of Playboy Playmates. "

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