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Saturday, July 14, 2012


"Thirteen wishes," said John Geniuses eying with curiosity. "Your wishes are granted," said John Genie with a nod. "Now make your wishes. I'm curious, what will you wish for, with 13 requests." "I do not want my prayers today. I prefer to wait," said John gently. "Man Smart," said the Genies fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a coin, a gold doubloons, and gave it to John. "When you're ready to make your wishes are, rub the piece and say, genies, and three times in rapid succession." Then, in the same blue / green mist, he came to, he disappeared. "Wow, I do not think so," said Bob. "Look at me. I am happy and feel twenty years younger." "A billion dollars is. I do not think I have a billion U.S. dollars waiting for me at home," said Mike. "What do you want, with thirteen for you?" Bob saw John. "Yeah, what's up his sleeve, John?" Mike looked at his friend with a curiosity. "I have not decided yet, but since you guys did not want to celebrate National Nude, I want to do something in the spirit of the day naked for next year." Although warned to be geniuses in what they wanted to be prudent and make sure that what they want for what they really wanted is to have Bob and Mike did not put thought into their wishes, Jean had. While driving home drunk after a fall of John and Mike in their homes, Bob was too drunk to see the stop sign and crashed his truck into a station wagon full of six nuns. A terrible accident, a loss of good pussy, five, young convent of the Order of St. holy virgins were burned alive in their vehicle. Oh, the inhumanity of everything that ever had to die before a rooster. A nun, who would not die was the nun who was sitting next to his door was open, and who was not wearing his seatbelt. As protected by a miracle, with God, she was ejected from the car and survived with a broken arm and a leg. With the wrath of a court authorized a judge fed up, the jury, and a vengeful sister, Mary Frances in support, she sat on the witness stand, pointed out the man who killed his five sisters. "That's him! This is the drunk who, through the stop sign and T-bone the car accelerates, "said Sister Mary Frances.

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